Before vision therapy, Sarah struggled with reading, experienced frequent headaches, and overall had difficulties focusing during school.  Despite tutoring and summer literacy programs, she continued to struggle with reading; she skipped lines and never volunteered to read aloud.  Following vision therapy, Sarah no longer loses her place while reading and even volunteers to read aloud.

"Until Dr. Johnson tested for Sarah's vision issues we all were unaware they existed.  This experience helped us understand her academic issues and focus on a proper solution.  This has lessened the stress between us with regards to her school work.  We identified why Sarah was not getting good grades.  We look forward to seeing the benefits of vision therapy when she returns to school this fall."

Sarah's Story

In the few weeks Erin has been attending vision therapy, we are already beginning to notice changes. Homework doesn't take as long as it did two months ago, there are no more tears when she has a lot to write, she is becoming more and more independent as time goes on. She still needs a lot of guidance, but seems to "catch on" to what is expected of her a lot faster. The greatest improvement, however, has been in her report card. Last year, Erin's third grade teacher wanted to fail her because she had so much difficulty in "keeping up" with the class. This year, her first 9 week report card put Erin on the "A" Honor Roll!! She’s been working hard. Erin's mom is also excited, saying "We’re both so grateful for all the wonderful work being done in this office!!!"  

Erin's Story

"Bella loves reading now, whereas before she hated it. I have already recommended that two of my friends bring their children here because they are struggling with similar issues. Bella had so much fun with therapy and I have enjoyed seeing her improve in her reading and the rest of school."


"Before I started vision therapy, I hated doing homework or reading.  I would give my mom a hard time and homework would take forever.  Now, I love school, schoolwork, homework, and reading.  My glasses helped out a lot.  I have seen a difference in my handwriting, reading and just seeing things in a new way.  Vision therapy has helped me open up and accept changes, it has helped me be more aware of what is going on.  Vision therapy kept me out of the Special Ed. class at my old school and helped me start fresh in my new school.  I have done so well, I have been on the Honor Roll since I've been here.  I've been getting "A's" and "B's" on tests, in all subjects and hope to keep it that way.

I would tell anyone about vision therapy if they have or had a problem like I did."


"Before vision therapy Aidan hated school and homework.  He would jump from line to line while reading, he rubbed his eyes a lot while doing homework, and he turned words completely around when reading (saw became was).  After vision therapy with Advanced Vision Therapy Center, his reading scores have improved drastically, he is less disruptive in class, and his overall view of school is much better.  He is looking forward to starting second grade and reads like a champ!"


"About two years ago I went to the eye doctor and he discovered I had a problem with my vision.  We tried glasses, but it made it worse.  My doctor recommended vision therapy.  From the start of vision therapy I loved the sessions.  I got to play games while fixing my eyes.  I went to vision therapy for a few months and my eyes made huge improvements, my regular eye doctor was amazed.  It is remarkable how exercises and games can improve somone's eyesight dramatically.  If anyone has eye problems like mine I would recommend Advanced Vision Therapy Center any day.  Vision therapy has helped me for the rest of my life and I am truly thankful."


"Thank you so much for introducing me to vision therapy.  This was brand new to me and it surprised me with it's effectiveness.  I can definitely tell a difference in my eyes while reading.  This has particularly improved at times when my eyes are tired, when I used to get most uncomfortable.  As a student, I can tell a difference in my study habits, and vision therapy has also helped me enjoy reading more than I used to.

I would recommend vision therapy to anyone with a similar problem with their eyes.  My only regret is that I did not find this help sooner.  It would have saved me a lot of discomfort and frustration.  Thank you again for everything."


My son's eyes were consistently red after school and while attempting to sit down and do homework, he complained that he was seeing two of everything. He just fought me when it came time to read. This started in kindergarten and followed into first grade, so I had patience with his struggles, basing it on the fact that maybe he still needs some time to learn how to read. It was not until the school started to reach out to me that he was not at reading level and also acting out in class that I decided to take him to have an eye test. We were fortunate to coincidentally seek treatment at Artisan Optics. Here, their fabulous Dr. Johnson discovered what might really be going on. My son's vision was good, however he needed work training his eye muscles, much like an athlete needed to train various muscles. He sat me down and told me about Advanced Vision Therapy and the benefits it would have towards my son’s success in school and in life. If this therapy for eyes would lead my son to a successful 2nd grade and beyond, I knew it was absolutely worth the try. We completed the recommended course and my son no longer has double vision. He is 8 and not what you would call a “book-worm”, so it is still challenging to get him to sit down and read, but when he does he actually enjoys it and has not complained about reading once since completing therapy. I saw improvements almost immediately after the first 2 or 3 sessions. He now approaches reading with confidence and for that we highly recommend the AVT course to anyone at any age.

Rachelle T.
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The following was written by a patient after completing vision therapy:

What I write is what I know
Is that right I do not know

What we hear, see or think
What is read when it can change in a blink

A blink of the eye Red in now Blue
A blink of an eye so tell me what is true

True to you but not to me
Truth is no more than a Mystery

In a world miss seeing eyes
What you see can be such lies

I was told one thing but it never stayed true
For a word would never look the same it changed and it grew

One time I would see the word one way
By the next time it did not stay

I look and search for what is true
It is just nice to know there are people who understand you

For I was one that was lost and could not see
But I found someone who actually could understand me

He told me there could be some change with some work on my part
It came as a gift and melted my heart

For I had struggled for so long with my sight
Every word gave me such a fight

I now see better day by day
Thanks to Vision Therapy for showing me the way

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