Jan 25

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Dec 30

Dizziness, vertigo, motion sickness, and balance problems are frequently reported by patients when seeing their primary care physician.

Nov 30

Vision is frequently affected by an injury or illness, yet commonly overlooked as part of the rehabilitation process.

Oct 29

Studies have found that children who have a learning disability (LD) or have been diagnosed with a specific learning disorder (SLD), exhibit a higher frequency of binocular vision disorders.

Sep 30

Interactive Metronome (IM) is an evidence-based training and assessment tool. Interactive Metronome is used to improve cognition, attention, focus, visual working memory and visual processing speed.

Aug 31

Amblyopia can be detected and treated in both children and adults.

Jul 29

Achieving Stereopsis (Depth Perception) and 3D Vision – It's Not Just For Kids.

Jul 01

Strabismus refers to a condition in which a person’s eyes do not both look to the same place at the same time. It is also referred to as “crossed eyes” or as an eye turn. Strabismus usually occurs in people with difficulty controlling their eye muscles, and also in very farsighted people. 

Apr 22

If you feel like your child is struggling to learn to read, reads at a slower rate than classmates, or has difficulty with comprehension, please read on-- this post is for you.

Mar 31

Convergence Insufficiency (CI) is a common eye-teaming problem that results from misalignment of the eyes when focusing on up close, such as when reading. The eyes have a strong tendency to drift outward when reading or doing close up work. The exact cause is unknown.

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