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Please be advised, this self-assessment does not provide medical advice and is not intended to be a substitute for a professional, in-office assessment at Advanced Vision Therapy Center. This self-assessment is intended to be used for informational purposes only.



Is performance below potential?
Academically, in the workplace, athletically, or day to day living, etc.

Is there a history of a brain injury?
ABI, concussion, stoke, etc.

Are there symptoms of eyestrain?
Eyes feel tired, uncomfortable, sore when reading, using a tablet or computer, sewing, etc.

Is double vision (even occasional) experienced?

Do words blur, move, have shadows, or come in and out of focus when reading?

Is reading easier using a reading strip, finger, or reading guide?

Do you notice loss of place while reading, re-reading of sentences, or feeling sleepy when reading?

Is there difficulty remembering what has been read, whisper reading, or reading out loud?

Are there symptoms of working memory or processing speed deficits?
Poor performance on timed activities; delayed reaction time; difficulty making decisions; difficulty following multi-step instructions, etc.

Are there difficulties with depth perception or 3D vision?
Problems with balance, coordination; lack of wow factor at 3D movies; difficulty judging speed, size and distance, etc.

Based on your answers, a vision assessment may be right for you! Fill out the rest of the form and we will contact you with more info.

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