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Founded in 1991, our clinic specializes in the assessment and treatment of Binocular Vision Dysfunction and Visual Processing Disorders, Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation, and Athlete Vision Performance.  Treatment and vision rehabilitation programs at Advanced Vision Therapy Center are research and evidence based. This means you can be confident that you receive the highest level of specialized care at every visit.  You see results in months, not years.

If you are looking for the best care possible, you found it.  Advanced Vision Therapy Center is recognized as an industry leader, providing unparalleled treatment results in a patient-centered environment.  That's why our treatment programs are doctor recommended and patient preferred. Our treatment programs graduate 98.7%*of patients within the prescribed number of treatment sessions, with an impressive success rate of 99.3%*  (*based on our patient outcomes 1991-2017).

How do we achieve the results that we do?  We use proven treatment methods, established protocols, and every patient's progress is monitored by our clinical director, Dr. Ryan C. Johnson, who is Idaho's only residency-trained neuro-optometrist.  In addition, we have Idaho's only team of professional, licensed therapists specifically trained in vision therapy, vision rehabilitation and sports vision. Our high standards means you receive world-class care.  There is nothing cookie-cutter about our treatment programs. Every session is one-one-one with a professional therapist, individualized based on diagnosis, tailored to the ability level of the patient, goal oriented and outcome based.  Your success is our success, and since 1991 that is what our reputation has been built on.

Our clinical director, Dr. Ryan C. Johnson, is Idaho's only residency-trained neuro-optometrist.  As a UC Berkeley residency-trained neuro-optometrist, Dr. Johnson has additional education and clinical training specific to neuro-optometry, binocular vision, visual processing disorders, vision therapy and sports vision that other optometrists do not.  Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, Dr. Johnson had one goal. To bring his specialized training back home, to help the residents of the Treasure Valley and beyond who struggle with complex vision problems.

Our team is ready to help you and your family.  Why wait?

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Our Specialists

Combining decades of experience with residency trained specialists, we have the expertise to treat even the most complex cases.

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Keep up-to-date on the latest advances and research in vision therapy.

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A vision assessment at Advanced Vision Therapy Center is unlike an annual eye examination.

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We offer a number of treatment options tailored to the specific visual needs of each patient.

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Before vision therapy, Sarah struggled with reading, experienced frequent headaches, and overall had difficulties focusing during school.  Despite tutoring and summer literacy programs, she continued to struggle with reading; she skipped lines and never volunteered to read aloud.  Following vision therapy, Sarah no longer loses her place while reading and even volunteers to read aloud. "Until Dr. Johnson tested for Sarah's vision issues we all were unaware they existed.  This experience help… 
- Sarah's Story
In the few weeks Erin has been attending vision therapy, we are already beginning to notice changes. Homework doesn't take as long as it did two months ago, there are no more tears when she has a lot to write, she is becoming more and more independent as time goes on. She still needs a lot of guidance, but seems to "catch on" to what is expected of her a lot faster. The greatest improvement, however, has been in her report card. Last year, Erin's third grade teacher wanted to fail her because s… 
- Erin's Story
"Bella loves reading now, whereas before she hated it. I have already recommended that two of my friends bring their children here because they are struggling with similar issues. Bella had so much fun with therapy and I have enjoyed seeing her improve in her reading and the rest of school."  
- J.G.
"Before I started vision therapy, I hated doing homework or reading.  I would give my mom a hard time and homework would take forever.  Now, I love school, schoolwork, homework, and reading.  My glasses helped out a lot.  I have seen a difference in my handwriting, reading and just seeing things in a new way.  Vision therapy has helped me open up and accept changes, it has helped me be more aware of what is going on.  Vision therapy kept me out of the Special Ed. class at my old school and help… 
- K.A.
"Before vision therapy Aidan hated school and homework.  He would jump from line to line while reading, he rubbed his eyes a lot while doing homework, and he turned words completely around when reading (saw became was).  After vision therapy with Advanced Vision Therapy Center, his reading scores have improved drastically, he is less disruptive in class, and his overall view of school is much better.  He is looking forward to starting second grade and reads like a champ!"  
- F.L.
"About two years ago I went to the eye doctor and he discovered I had a problem with my vision.  We tried glasses, but it made it worse.  My doctor recommended vision therapy.  From the start of vision therapy I loved the sessions.  I got to play games while fixing my eyes.  I went to vision therapy for a few months and my eyes made huge improvements, my regular eye doctor was amazed.  It is remarkable how exercises and games can improve somone's eyesight dramatically.  If anyone has eye proble… 
- L.B.
"Thank you so much for introducing me to vision therapy.  This was brand new to me and it surprised me with it's effectiveness.  I can definitely tell a difference in my eyes while reading.  This has particularly improved at times when my eyes are tired, when I used to get most uncomfortable.  As a student, I can tell a difference in my study habits, and vision therapy has also helped me enjoy reading more than I used to. I would recommend vision therapy to anyone with a similar problem with… 
- C.W.
My son's eyes were consistently red after school and while attempting to sit down and do homework, he complained that he was seeing two of everything. He just fought me when it came time to read. This started in kindergarten and followed into first grade, so I had patience with his struggles, basing it on the fact that maybe he still needs some time to learn how to read. It was not until the school started to reach out to me that he was not at reading level and also acting out in class that I d… 
- Rachelle T.


The Advanced Vision Therapy Center Difference

Established in 1991, Advanced Vision Therapy Center has become the Northwest's premier vision therapy clinic. For more than 25 years, Advanced Vision Therapy Center has worked with patients to improve their vision and overall quality of life – delivering lifelong results for both children and adults. The success of our patients is one of the many reasons why Advanced Vision Therapy Center is trusted by both local patients and those who travel to Boise for care.

The success of vision therapy treatment programs at Advanced Vision Therapy Center is based on many factors. We have developed a team of experts in their field who have advanced training, certifications and years of experience providing vision therapy to a wide variety of patients.


Ryan Johnson OD, FAAO is the clinical director of Advanced Vision Therapy Center. Dr. Johnson is Idaho's first optometrist with residency-training in neuro-optometry, binocular vision and vision therapy. His post-graduate training at the University of California, Berkeley was dedicated to the management of patients with vision conditions requiring vision therapy, including patients with acquired brain injury and neuro-visual conditions.

Dr. Johnson is the first optometrist in Idaho with this advanced training in the sub-specialty of vision therapy. An evaluation with Dr. Johnson is the first step to determine if vision therapy is right for you. His knowledge and expertise in the area of vision therapy allow for the proper diagnosis of your vision conditions. The information gathered during the Binocular Vision Assessment is used to develop your plan of care, whether that include vision therapy, glasses or other treatments. An accurate diagnosis and comprehensive plan of care is essential for timely improvement and ultimate success for the patient.

Dr. Johnson serves as the clinical director for Advanced Vision Therapy Center. As clinical director, he oversees every treatment plan. He works with our team of vision therapists to ensure that visual skills are improving and the patient's goals are being met.


Another important factor in determining the success of a vision therapy program is the approach to therapy. Vision therapy has been practiced for over 100 years and has been researched extensively. This allows for an evidence-based approach to vision therapy that provides predictable and successful outcomes. We know which vision conditions respond to vision therapy and how to structure a program to provide the best results possible in an efficient amount of time.

Understanding the visual system and how it responds to therapy allows our vision therapy team to provide long-lasting improvements in visual function without the need for extended vision therapy programs or so-called 'booster programs'. Many of our patients are excited to see the lifelong changes in visual skills without the need for a maintenance program.


Every vision therapy treatment session at Advanced Vision Therapy Center is performed one-on-one with a skilled vision therapist. This is important for several reasons.

Vision therapy is used to treat a wide range of vision conditions. The specific vision condition (or combination of conditions), the severity of the conditions and the individuality of the patient all need to be considered when performing vision therapy. The environment of Advanced Vision Therapy Center allows for each session to be tailored to the individual needs of the patient. This allows each patient to progress at the rate appropriate for their visual system, which maximizes the success of every vision therapy patient.

The vision therapist also ensures that visual skills are being properly developed. If not constantly monitored during treatment, the visual system can struggle to make the necessary improvements. The one-on-one structure at Advanced Vision Therapy Center ensures that every session and every minute are dedicated to the treatment goals and the patient's success.

At Advanced Vision Therapy Center patients are not positioned in front of a computer for therapy. Research has shown that in-office, active therapy (not on a computer) is far more successful in delivering results. While technology and advancements in the field of vision science is embraced at Advanced Vision Therapy Center, ineffective computer therapy is not a part of our program. Instead, our therapists, under the direction of Dr. Ryan Johnson, customize each vision therapy session for every patient – using current research and proven treatment methods to meet treatment goals and deliver results. That's the Advanced Vision Therapy Center difference.

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Advanced Vision Therapy Center is Idaho’s premier clinic for Vision Therapy, Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation and Sports Vision Training. We offer vision assessments and customized treatment for both children and adults that are tailored to the specific vision condition of each individual.

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