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Improvement Starts Here.

For more than 30 years, patients from all around Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah have trusted the experts at Advanced Vision Therapy Center. We're dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of binocular vision problems, visual perception deficiencies, working memory, and processing speed deficits.

Through team collaboration, combining decades of experience with residency-trained specialists, we have the expertise to provide individualized treatment plans.

Our clinical director, Dr. Ryan C. Johnson, is Idaho's only optometrist residency-trained in neuro-optometry - providing him with both the expertise and experience to treat even the most complex cases. Call or contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

Meet Dr. Ryan C. Johnson About AVTC

Vision is More than 20/20

At Advanced Vision Therapy Center, we provide specialized vision care as part of a multidisciplinary team. Advanced Vision Therapy Center is a place for individuals whose needs cannot be met with a general eye examination or prescription glasses alone.

If you have ever left an eye exam and thought “I know I see 20/20, but it still feels like there is something going on with my vision,” then Advanced Vision Therapy Center is for you. We have helped invididuals from Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Mountain Home, and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years.  

Binocular Vision

A Binocular Vision Assessment is designed for both children and adults and it helps our doctors identify any visual deficits. Learn more below.

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A Neuro-Optometric Assessment is recommended for anyone who has experienced an acquired brain injury (concussion, trauma, stroke, etc).

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Sports Vision

A Sports Vision Assessment is recommended for competitive athletes of any ability level to help assess and develop visual skills. Click to learn more.

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Visual Processing

A Visual Processing Assessment can help identify visual perceptual deficits in both children and adults. Learn more by clicking below.

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How Do I Know if I Might Need Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is an effective treatment modality for both children and adults. Vision therapy is a type of treatment that you may need if you experience visual discomfort, blurred or fluctuating vision, double vision, tracking difficulties, or difficulties processing visual information. An assessment with Advanced Vision Therapy Center is the best way to determine if you are a candidate for vision therapy.

Lifelong Results at Any Age

Vision therapy is a treatment method for both children and adults that develops, maintains, and restores visual skills that are required to perform visual tasks during a typical day.

Vision Impacts Learning

Vision related learning problems are more common than most parents and educators realize - in fact, 25% of K-6 students have visual problems serious enough to impede learning.

Results in Months, Not Years

Our treatment programs are research and evidence-based, using a patient-centered approach. Proven treatment methods are customized to the specific diagnoses, and tailored to the ability of the patient.

Treatable Vision Conditions

Vision therapy is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions that prevent individuals from reaching their full potential, including amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, vergence problems, eye tracking deficits, and more.

Take Our Self Assessment

Before vision therapy, Sarah struggled with reading, experienced frequent headaches, and overall had difficulties focusing during school.  Despite tutoring and summer literacy programs, she continued… 
- Sarah's Story
In the few weeks Erin has been attending vision therapy, we are already beginning to notice changes. Homework doesn't take as long as it did two months ago, there are no more tears when she has a lot… 
- Erin's Story
"Bella loves reading now, whereas before she hated it. I have already recommended that two of my friends bring their children here because they are struggling with similar issues. Bella had so much f… 
- J.G.
"Before I started vision therapy, I hated doing homework or reading.  I would give my mom a hard time and homework would take forever.  Now, I love school, schoolwork, homework, and reading.  My glas… 
- K.A.
"Before vision therapy Aidan hated school and homework.  He would jump from line to line while reading, he rubbed his eyes a lot while doing homework, and he turned words completely around when readi… 
- F.L.
"About two years ago I went to the eye doctor and he discovered I had a problem with my vision.  We tried glasses, but it made it worse.  My doctor recommended vision therapy.  From the start of visi… 
- L.B.
"Thank you so much for introducing me to vision therapy.  This was brand new to me and it surprised me with it's effectiveness.  I can definitely tell a difference in my eyes while reading.  This has… 
- C.W.
My son's eyes were consistently red after school and while attempting to sit down and do homework, he complained that he was seeing two of everything. He just fought me when it came time to read. Thi… 
- Rachelle T.

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