Binocular Vision Assessments

For children and adults with eye tracking, teaming, and focusing deficits

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Neuro-Optometric Assessments

For recovery after a head injury or stroke

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Sports Vision Assessments

For athletes ready to improve their game

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Visual Processing Assessments

For working memory and processing speed deficits

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Advanced Vision Therapy Center Assessments

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A vision assessment at Advanced Vision Therapy Center is unlike an annual eye examination. The two should not be confused, nor does one replace the other. A typical eye exam evaluates ocular health and visual acuity. A vision assessment at Advanced Vision Therapy Center is an in-depth evaluation of visual system function, is symptom focused, and used in the diagnoses of both immediate onset (acute) as well as long-standing (chronic) vision problems. A referral is not required. You may contact our office directly to schedule an assessment.

During the vision assessment, our team evaluates several aspects of the visual system, including but not limited to:

  • Accommodation (eye focusing)
  • Binocular vision (eye teaming)
  • Oculomotor function (tracking)
  • Visual perception (how we make sense of visually-presented information)
  • Visual processing (how quickly and efficiently we interpret visual information)

Following the vision assessment, treatment will be discussed and a research-based treatment plan will be prescribed based on the diagnosis to improve visual performance. At Advanced Vision Therapy Center we serve a wide range of patients; from children struggling academically, to athletes working to take their game to the next level, to adults suffering from double vision or acquired brain injury. All of our patients experience unique visual barriers to success and quality of life. For this reason, we offer several types of assessments.

I already have an eye doctor, is Advanced Vision Therapy Center still for me?

Absolutely.  An assessment at Advanced Vision Therapy Center is quite different from a routine eye exam. The majority of eye doctors provide primary care eye exams, where the goal is to determine the proper eyeglass prescription and evaluate eye health.  At Advanced Vision Therapy Center we go beyond testing visual acuity and ocular health. There is so much more to vision than simply reading the 20/20 line on an eye chart. We evaluate all aspects of binocular vision performance, which is the functional ability and performance level of the visual system.  This means we evaluate:

  • Eye teaming (how well you use your eyes together)
  • Eye focusing
  • Depth perception/3D vision
  • Eye movements (such as those necessary to be an efficient reader)
  • Visual perception (what the brain does with the visual information once it is received through the eyes)
  • Working memory
  • Processing speed
  • Visual agility/visual reaction speed

Our treatment programs are recommended for children and adults who:

  • Perform below potential or experience inconsistent performance (academically, athletically, or in the workplace)
  • Have symptoms of visual-sensory, visual-processing or visual-integration (visual-motor, visual-vestibular, etc.) disorder
  • Have a history of an acquired brain injury (concussion, stroke, etc.)
  • Experience vision problems associated with a neuro-degenerative condition

We are confident we can help you too.  You do not need a referral to see us. Simply call our office to schedule an assessment.

What treatment options does Advanced Vision Therapy Center offer?

At Advanced Vision Therapy Center we offer a variety of treatment options:

Treatment is completely customized based on diagnosis and complexity of the case,  tailored to the ability of the patient, and developed to achieve targeted treatment goals.  The treatment programs at Advanced Vision Therapy Center are available to both children and adults.

At Advanced Vision Therapy Center, our treatment programs are research and evidence-based. Which is why our treatment programs (since 1991) graduate 98.7% of patients within the prescribed number of treatment sessions, with an impressive success rate of 99.3%.  Our treatment programs are doctor recommended and patient preferred.

What do I need to do to get ready for my appointment?

STEP 1: Call to schedule an appointment.  Remember, you never need a referral to see us. Scheduling an appointment with Advanced Vision Therapy Center is easy, just call (208) 377-1310. We will help you determine which type of assessment is right for you.

STEP 2:  After scheduling your appointment, please visit our online Patient Center.  There you can authorize the release and transfer of medical records to our office.  Our online form allows you to complete the necessary information and we take care of the rest.  This allows us to review your medical records in preparation of your appointment with us.

STEP 3: Please arrive a few minutes ahead of your appointment to allow time to complete paperwork.  Please be sure to bring along any eyeglasses that you currently use; whether for driving, reading, or computer use.  It is preferable that assessment and testing be done with you wearing your current eyeglasses.

Binocular Vision

A Binocular Vision Assessment is designed for both children and adults and it helps our doctors identify any visual deficits. Learn more below.

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A Neuro-Optometric Assessment is recommended for anyone who has experienced an acquired brain injury (concussion, trauma, stroke, etc).

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Sports Vision

A Sports Vision Assessment is recommended for competitive athletes of any ability level to help assess and develop visual skills. Click to learn more.

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Visual Processing

A Visual Processing Assessment can help identify visual perceptual deficits in both children and adults. Learn more by clicking below.

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Before vision therapy, Sarah struggled with reading, experienced frequent headaches, and overall had difficulties focusing during school.  Despite tutoring and summer literacy programs, she continued to struggle with reading; she skipped lines and never volunteered to read aloud.  Following vision therapy, Sarah no longer loses her place while reading and even volunteers to read aloud. "Until Dr. Johnson tested for Sarah's vision issues we all were unaware they existed.  This experience help… 
- Sarah's Story
In the few weeks Erin has been attending vision therapy, we are already beginning to notice changes. Homework doesn't take as long as it did two months ago, there are no more tears when she has a lot to write, she is becoming more and more independent as time goes on. She still needs a lot of guidance, but seems to "catch on" to what is expected of her a lot faster. The greatest improvement, however, has been in her report card. Last year, Erin's third grade teacher wanted to fail her because s… 
- Erin's Story
"Bella loves reading now, whereas before she hated it. I have already recommended that two of my friends bring their children here because they are struggling with similar issues. Bella had so much fun with therapy and I have enjoyed seeing her improve in her reading and the rest of school."  
- J.G.
"Before I started vision therapy, I hated doing homework or reading.  I would give my mom a hard time and homework would take forever.  Now, I love school, schoolwork, homework, and reading.  My glasses helped out a lot.  I have seen a difference in my handwriting, reading and just seeing things in a new way.  Vision therapy has helped me open up and accept changes, it has helped me be more aware of what is going on.  Vision therapy kept me out of the Special Ed. class at my old school and help… 
- K.A.
"Before vision therapy Aidan hated school and homework.  He would jump from line to line while reading, he rubbed his eyes a lot while doing homework, and he turned words completely around when reading (saw became was).  After vision therapy with Advanced Vision Therapy Center, his reading scores have improved drastically, he is less disruptive in class, and his overall view of school is much better.  He is looking forward to starting second grade and reads like a champ!"  
- F.L.
"About two years ago I went to the eye doctor and he discovered I had a problem with my vision.  We tried glasses, but it made it worse.  My doctor recommended vision therapy.  From the start of vision therapy I loved the sessions.  I got to play games while fixing my eyes.  I went to vision therapy for a few months and my eyes made huge improvements, my regular eye doctor was amazed.  It is remarkable how exercises and games can improve somone's eyesight dramatically.  If anyone has eye proble… 
- L.B.
"Thank you so much for introducing me to vision therapy.  This was brand new to me and it surprised me with it's effectiveness.  I can definitely tell a difference in my eyes while reading.  This has particularly improved at times when my eyes are tired, when I used to get most uncomfortable.  As a student, I can tell a difference in my study habits, and vision therapy has also helped me enjoy reading more than I used to. I would recommend vision therapy to anyone with a similar problem with… 
- C.W.
My son's eyes were consistently red after school and while attempting to sit down and do homework, he complained that he was seeing two of everything. He just fought me when it came time to read. This started in kindergarten and followed into first grade, so I had patience with his struggles, basing it on the fact that maybe he still needs some time to learn how to read. It was not until the school started to reach out to me that he was not at reading level and also acting out in class that I d… 
- Rachelle T.



An Athlete Vision Assessment is designed for competitive athletes of any ability level who wish to improve their game. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, improving visual performance translates to improved performance in athletic competition. Several sport-specific visual skills are evaluated and compared to those of professional athletes. Your Sports Vision Profile will be used by our team to prescribe sport-specific vision correction and to develop an individualized Sports Vision Training Program so you can compete at your best.

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A Binocular Vision Assessment is designed for both children and adults with vision conditions that impact visual performance and comfort in the classroom or in the work environment. Individuals who experience binocular vision dysfunction often experience eyestrain or fatigue, fluctuating or blurry vision, double vision (even occasional), headaches and difficulties performing visual tasks (especially reading and computer work). Age-appropriate testing is used to identify vision conditions that impact learning or the ability to comfortably work through the day's visual demands.

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A Neuro-Optometric Assessment is designed to identify visual changes following an acquired brain injury (concussion, traumatic brain injury, stroke, etc) or those associated with neurological conditions (Parkinson's Disease, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, etc). Many people experience visual changes following an acquired brain injury. Early identification and treatment of these vision conditions is a critical component of your overall recovery. Lingering vision conditions present a barrier to overall rehabilitation as well as a return to normal life.

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A Visual Processing Assessment is designed for individuals who have difficulties processing and organizing visual information. Once information is taken in by the visual system, it must be processed by the brain in order to make sense of an ever-changing visual environment. Visual perception, visual processing and working memory are evaluated to identify how quickly, accurately and efficiently visual information is processed by the brain. If difficulties are identified, treatment is prescribed to improve visual information processing.

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