There are several websites that share the nation wide success of vision therapy, such as Optometrist Network.  We invite you to also read about the success that our patients have had following treatment in our office right here in Boise Idaho.  Our vision therapy success stories include people from Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Mountain Home, other parts of Idaho, Oregon, Navada, and Utah.

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Vision Therapy Was A Building Block For My Son's Future

My son's vision therapist from the Tri Cities referred us to Artisan Optics and Advanced Vision Therapy Center. My son's vision-related issues have been a challenge throughout his entire life, and vision therapy was a building block for my son's future. We have had an outstanding experience here and each therapy session is a step closer to reaching the top.”


Advanced Vision Therapy Center Success Story: VT Building BlockWhen a child struggles in school for seemingly no reason, it can be extremely frustrated for all of those involved. Parents become frustrated when their child is not achieving his or her potential, teachers can become frustrated with a student who seems to be a different person each day of the week; performing well one day and failing the next. For the student it can be especially frustrating when all of their hard work and long homework hours don't seem to translate into good grades on tests. When a child's difficulties in school are vision-related, vision therapy can be that missing piece to success.


I have already recommended Advanced Vision Therapy Center to friends who's children struggle with similar issues that my son has encountered. I am always excited to tell another parent about how their kids can be helped so they don't face years of frustration like we did. Advanced Vision Therapy Center has a very friendly atmosphere and that really helped my son succeed.”

Sarah's Story

Before vision therapy, Sarah struggled with reading, experienced frequent headaches, and overall had difficulties focusing during school.  Despite tutoring and summer literacy programs, she continued to struggle with reading; she skipped lines and never volunteered to read aloud.  Following vision therapy, Sarah no longer loses her place while reading and even volunteers to read aloud.

"Until Dr. Johnson tested for Sarah's vision issues we all were unaware they existed.  This experience helped us understand her academic issues and focus on a proper solution.  This has lessened the stress between us with regards to her school work.  We identified why Sarah was not getting good grades.  We look forward to seeing the benefits of vision therapy when she returns to school this fall."


She loves reading now

In first grade Bella was struggling with reading. Her teachers were providing extra one-on-one help but it just wasn't working. That is when Bella's mom brought her to Advanced Vision Therapy Center to make sure that the eyes were not contributing to Bella's struggles at school. At Bella's Binocular Vision Assessment, Dr. Johnson was able to diagnose Bella with convergence insufficiency and binocular vision dysfunction. Shortly after, Bella began vision therapy to improve how she used her eyes.


After three short months Bella had graduated vision therapy and couldn't be happier. Her mom was just as happy.

Bella loves reading now, whereas before she hated it. I have already recommended that two of my friends bring their children here because they are struggling with similar issues. Bella had so much fun with therapy and I have enjoyed seeing her improve in her reading and the rest of school.”

Kaitlyn's Story

Her mom noticed that even though Kaitlyn had a big vocabulary and loved to take books in for share day, she was still unable to read by age 5. Even though she knew her alphabet, Kaitlyn would often write backwards. At first she loved going to school, but as time went on her mother got more and more calls from her teacher reporting that Kaitlyn was being disruptive in the classroom and complained about challenging work. Things were just not adding up.Advanced Vision Therapy Center Success Story: Kaitlyn


After Dr. Johnson diagnosed her with a binocular vision condition, Kaitlyn began vision therapy. Over the course of a few months Kaitlyn worked to improve her eye teaming, eye focusing, and eye tracking skills. We were able to check in with Kaitlyn a few months after her vision therapy program ended and here is what her mom had to say:


Kaitlyn is now progressing more as I expected her to. She constantly fills her reading bag with new books and is actually reading them. The complaints of challenging work have stopped and I no longer get phone calls from the teacher about Kaitlyn being disruptive. Kaitlyn is now more confident, has improved her ability to focus in the classroom, and is performing more challenging tasks with greater ease. I have already recommended Advanced Vision Therapy Center to a few parents from Kaitlyn's class because the entire staff at Advanced Vision Therapy Center was excellent with my daughter.”

Now I Love School!

Before I started vision therapy, I hated doing homework or reading.  I would give my mom a hard time and homework would take forever.  Now, I love school, schoolwork, homework, and reading.  My glasses helped out a lot.  I have seen a difference in my handwriting, reading and just seeing things in a new way.  Vision therapy has helped me open up and accept changes, it has helped me be more aware of what is going on.  Vision therapy kept me out of the Special Ed. class at my old school and helped me start fresh in my new school.  I have done so well, I have been on the Honor Roll since I've been here.  I've been getting "A's" and "B's" on tests, in all subjects and hope to keep it that way.

I would tell anyone about vision therapy if they have or had a problem like I did. 

Jenna's Story

Prior to vision therapy, Jenna struggled with reading, spelling, and coordination during basketball.  Despite one-on-one help, time in the resource room, and an IEP being in place, she continued to dislike reading. This is when Jenna and her parents turned to Advanced Vision Therapy Center.

How is Jenna doing now that she is finished with vision therapy?  Great!  She now likes reading; both her reading fluency and comprehension have improved.  "Advanced Vision Therapy Center is a wonderful program and has helped Jenna alot.  Sue and Dr. J have been amazing!  Vision therapy was well worth the time and money."

When Jenna's mom was asked what she would share with other parents considering vision therapy and interactive metronome therapy, she said "Do it.  It will be worth it."

Reading Like A Champ!

Advanced Vision Therapy Center Success Story: Reading Champ


"Before vision therapy Aidan hated school and homework.  He would jump from line to line while reading, he rubbed his eyes a lot while doing homework, and he turned words completely around when reading (saw became was).  After vision therapy with Advanced Vision Therapy Center, his reading scores have improved drastically, he is less disruptive in class, and his overall view of school is much better.  He is looking forward to starting second grade and reads like a champ!"



Maggi's Story

I would like to share with you the progress of Maggi so far this school year. Maybe you could share this story with other patients and their parents to give them hope.


We have spent the last three years struggling over hours and hours of homework. This was extremely frustrating for me, but more so for Maggi because she had to deal with the frustration of not being able to do the work, but then dealing with me getting extremely impatient and wanting her to just get the work done and understand it. We would end the night with Maggi crying crying and me upset. It was not fun. The most frustrating part was that despite all the hours, usually two to three a night, Maggi was still doing poorly in school. When you are putting in two to three hours of homework a night and your child is still struggling so much you really start wondering if there is something wrong with your child. As a parent this really starts to scare you. You begin worrying that maybe they just are not bright and are going to struggle through their whole life. We had her tested at school but her average test scores meant that she did not qualify for any special help even though she was low is some areas. Again the frustration was setting in.


At the beginning of third grade we brought Maggi in to see Dr. Johnson and he concluded that there were definitely some weaknesses in Maggi's eyes. She was not able to track words properly when reading and she may experience double vision or miss words on the page. This all made sense with what my husband and I have noticed when we read or do homework with Maggi. They helped Maggi understand her symptoms and explained to both us and the teacher how her eyes were working. This in itself was a huge relief to Maggi to be able to understand that there was something wrong with her eyes and she herself could work to fix it with vision therapy.


Maggie completed her vision therapy program in four months and then it was summer so we had to wait to see how it would affect her school performance. Now for what you don't know... Maggi has been in school for three weeks. She came home last week with a 100% on her Idaho History test, 100% on her planet test and 100% on last week's spelling test. She has mastered two of the nine categories for the Wall of Fame for fourth grade. WOW! We have never had test results from Maggi like this EVER. We now have designated 5-6:00pm as homework time. She usually finishes homework before this time is done. Maggi's confidence is skyrocketing. She is participating and answering questions at school, which she never did before and she is actually looking forward to going to school.


What a difference your office has made in our life. Thank you so much.”

Helping the Whole Family

Brian's parents first suspected a vision issue when Brian would look at them with only one eye.  He also complained that he occassionally saw "two".  Brian's parents also suspected that this undiagnosed vision problem was affecting school, specifically reading.  After attempting glasses with minimal success, Brian's parents decided to pursue vision therapy.  Following treatment, his parents report that Brian now enjoys reading and is now attempting longer and more challenging books at school and in his free time.  Most important of all may be the fact that Brian now is happier at school.

Brian's mother was so happy with Brian's progress during vision therapy that she shared her experience with her sister and had this to say. "After Brian started therapy, I told my sister about it.  She had her daughter tested and my niece also started vision therapy.  My niece had really struggled with school.  This year, after therapy, she made the honor roll!"

We would like to say congratulations to Brian and his cousin for all of their success at school.


Advanced Vision Therapy Center Success Story: ZachZach was seen at Advanced Vision Therapy Center during his senior year of high school. The initial evaluation was prompted by Zach's slow reaction time and lack of spatial awareness; for example he would often run into people as if he did not know where they were in relation to himself.


Zach's story illustrates how the visual system, specifically visual perception, guides movement. After therapy with Advanced Vision Therapy Center, Zach demonstrated better body control and a better awareness of his surroundings. These new visual skills also helped him with driving and even school, with subjects such as geometry.


When asked about their experience with Advanced Vision Therapy Center, here is what Zach's parents had to say:


The results are so obvious. With so many other programs being so slow, it was nice that Advanced Vision Therapy Center had a time line that produced results almost right away. It was also nice to be kept in the loop the whole time so we knew what was going on with our son as he improved. Thank you, you are all great!”

VT and Me


"About two years ago I went to the eye doctor and he discovered I had a problem with my vision.  We tried glasses, but it made it worse.  My doctor recommended vision therapy.  From the start of vision therapy I loved the sessions.  I got to play games while fixing my eyes.  I went to vision therapy for a few months and my eyes made huge improvements, my regular eye doctor was amazed.  It is remarkable how exercises and games can improve somone's eyesight dramatically.  If anyone has eye problems like mine I would recommend Advanced Vision Therapy Center any day.  Vision therapy has helped me for the rest of my life and I am truly thankful."


Trina and Zach

"My son was having all kinds of troubles in school; we were looking for anything that might help him.  During an eye exam they found that his eyes were not tracking properly.  I watched him suring the exam and realized how much I was missing as well.  I had always been told that I should see one thing or another by my teachers, friends, and family but it never seemed to match what I saw.  Those around me used to do things so easily but I didn't see what they saw and would just guess.  Sometimes I was right and other times I couldn't be farther from what was supposed to be there.

On the recommendation of Dr. Johnson my son started vision therapy.  Zach progressed very quickly and he went from being at the bottom of his class to the upper half.  He is in third grade and wend from a second grade reading level to a fourth grade reading level in just a few months.  It was an amazing thing to see.

As for me and my vision therapy, I am improving every day.  Just the other day I was out with my father golfing and I actually saw the ball.  They have always told me to keep my eye on the ball, now I actually can.  I just want to give a very special thanks to Dr. Johnson and Advanced Vision Therapy Center for all that they have done to help both my son and myself.  We appreciate all that you do."

Life After Acquired Brain Injury

During February 1989, I was involved in an accident, breaking bones and causing a closed head injury. I was unable to communicate properly, had great difficulty with balance and fatigue, and a great memory loss. Unable to read, I was having bad headaches along with dizziness.  The neuro-optometric assessment was the first step towards improving my vision.  The doctor really understood how my closed head injury had affected my vision and was then able to recommend therapy for me to improve.

Advanced Vision Therapy Center Success Story: Acquired Brain Injury

My vision therapy was in conjunction with cognitive therapy. As I relearned, I was also trained to bring my eye focus back. I was taught how to control my balance and how to speed up my thinking process.

This therapy took many months of hard work and when I talk about it, I get very emotional because I was a person who was unable to think or see properly and had to be led around by the hand. I do know that today, I can associate with normal people and not be embarrassed. I drive, read, use the computer, TV and participate in most normal activities. I have come from a person who had to have a caretaker, to a person who lives a complete life. "Would I recommend vision therapy for a person young or middle aged as myself? A thousand times, Yes!”

Your family will be thrilled at all kinds of results of learning that is possible after vision therapy.

Erin's Story

In the few weeks Erin has been attending vision therapy, we are already beginning to notice changes. Homework doesn’t take as long as it did two months ago, there are no more tears when she has a lot to write, she is becoming more and more independent as time goes on. She still needs a lot of guidance, but seems to “catch on” to what is expected of her a lot faster. The greatest improvement, however, has been in her report card. Last year, Erin’s third grade teacher wanted to fail her because she had so much difficulty in “keeping up” with the class. This year, her first 9 week report card put Erin on the “A” Honor Roll!! She’s been working hard. Erin's mom is also excited, saying "We’re both so grateful for all the wonderful work being done in this office!!!"  

The Truth Eyes See

The following was written by a patient after completing vision therapy:


What I write is what I know

Is that right I do not know


What we hear, see or think

What is read when it can change in a blink


A blink of the eye Red in now Blue

A blink of an eye so tell me what is true


True to you but not to me

Truth is no more than a Mystery


In a world miss seeing eyes

What you see can be such lies


I was told one thing but it never stayed true

For a word would never look the same it changed and it grew


One time I would see the word one way

By the next time it did not stay


I look and search for what is true

It is just nice to know there are people who understand you


For I was one that was lost and could not see

But I found someone who actually could understand me


He told me there could be some change with some work on my part

It came as a gift and melted my heart


For I had struggled for so long with my sight

Every word gave me such a fight


I now see better day by day

Thanks to Vision Therapy for showing me the way

Paul's Story

Paul was in 8th grade when he first came to Advanced Vision Therapy Center. He had been diagnosed with ADD in elementary school and has had an IEP in place since second grade. Despite the additional help, he continues to struggle in most areas of school, most significantly in reading and language arts.

Advanced Vision Therapy Center Success Story: Paul


After completing a vision therapy program to address his convergence insufficiency and other visual skill deficits, here is what his mom had to say:


Vision therapy has been a life saver in helping Paul read in a straight line and with comprehension. Memorizing by hearing was the only tool he had before vision therapy, now he can use his eyes and his ears to learn. He is catching up with his classmates and actually passing classes now. Vision therapy is an incredible tool in getting the eyes to work together. Just wished we would have known about it many years ago. So much catch up to do now in bringing the art of writing papers to the next level that it should be.“

A Student's Perspective

Thank you so much for introducing me to vision therapy.  This was brand new to me and it surprised me with it's effectiveness.  I can definitely tell a difference in my eyes while reading.  This has particularly improved at times when my eyes are tired, when I used to get most uncomfortable.  As a student, I can tell a difference in my study habits, and vision therapy has also helped me enjoy reading more than I used to.

I would recommend vision therapy to anyone with a similar problem with their eyes.  My only regret is that I did not find this help sooner.  It would have saved me a lot of discomfort and frustration.  Thank you again for everything.



Tyler's Story
We had our son at the Kings Kids Pre-School in Meridian, Idaho.  The teacher spoke to us about Tyler's reading and his ability to spell sample words.  the concerns were presented to Dr. Johnson, he explained the services provided through your practice, specifically vision therapy.

Tyler began first grade at Cole Valley Chrisitan School the next fall.  Mrs. Burnside expressed concern of Tyler's ability to read from a short distance and Tyler spoke to his mother about his eyes going crazy and seeing light with one eye and dark with the other eye.

Tyler's eye examination revealed a condition called "convergence insufficiency".  The condition was explained as the eyes not working together.  Tyler began eye therapy and there were red flags that began to explain some of Tyler's physical limitations including; going up stairs left foot - left foot, coming down stairs left foot - left foot, not able to maintain balance on a bicycle, not being able to catch or throw a ball.

Therapy was two times a week, home therapy every morning before school, after school and incorporated into home work study for spelling, and math facts study.

Results of Tyler's eye therapy are as follows:

  • Played and completed one year of coach pitch baseball
  • Played and completed second year of baseball (player pitch)
  • Played and completed one week of football camp at Bishop Kelly HIgh School
  • Played and completed one year of sophomore Optimist Youth Football
  • Currently enrolled at Cole Valley Christian School, fourth grade
  • Standardized Reading Test Results are Tyler reading at seventh grade level
  • Once a month Tyler returns to the first grade class to be a "reading buddy" for one student in Mrs. Brunside's class

All good things that a boy should enjoy in his life because of Dr. Johnson.

Grayson's Story

“By September 2003 our son Grayson had worn glasses for close to one year, but was still showing signs of vision problems. Shadow Hills Elementary notified us that Grayson continued to have a vision problem and this was confirmed by our family optometrist. Our optometrist then referred us to Dr. Johnson for further treatment of amblyopia and binocular vision dysfunction. Dr. Johnson took the time to explain what was going on with Grayson's eyes and the typical symptoms and behavior of children with similar vision problems. Some of Grayson's exhibited behaviors started to make sense to us. He had little interest in reading, was having difficulties concentrating on academics, and would get very frustrated with sporting activities and other activities requiring fine motor skills. Looking back, these were all signs of vision problems.”


So how is life after vision therapy?

“He showed remarkable improvement in his academics and fine motor skills, and now thoroughly enjoys participating in sporting activities. At his most recent eye examination with our family optometrist he said that Grayson's eyesight has improved by 30% and is now normal. It was amazing!”

Improvement Starts Here

With over 25 years of proven success, you can trust Advanced Vision Therapy Center to provide the care you need.

Our Clinical Director is Idaho's only residency trained optometrist in vision therapy and neuro-optometry and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry.  His residency at University of California, Berkeley means he has the expertise and experience to treat even the most complex cases.

Read what our patients have to say.

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